Tiger Yoga

 About us 

Tiger Yoga wants to bring Yoga to the Office.  

Companies now seem to understand that people are a long term investment, not a commodity or a machine part.  Companies are investing money in soft skills like communication styles, personality strengths, and how to think like an owner.

Tiger Yoga wants to be a part of this movement, we just think using movement and breath is going to make all those desired skills actually produce a physiological change in the body.  An employee can spend 3 hours watching training tutorials assigned by their manager but if there is no immediate application or physical embodying the principles chances are good the amazing video will be forgotten in a few days by most people.

Tiger Yoga thinks that there is an OLD system in place that we borrow from but then we match it up with the most relevant and easy to understand psychology and self-improvement to produce highly efficient employees. We just want 30-45 minutes of your day once a week to prove it. We have short term packages that all have specific focuses.

Take a chance on us. It'll be good for you

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