Tiger Yoga 

Where Grace Meets Power


What is Tiger Yoga? 

Tiger Yoga offers Yoga TO the Office. We bring classes to you that make sense for your work day. 

We create an environment that fosters at least 3 things:

1)  An emphasis on how you feel versus how you think you are supposed to look. While correct posture/form matters, it is more important to respect how you feel then doing it exactly how you think you maybe heard it explained or like your neighbor who had gymnastics training or is 30 years younger than you. Stop being so competitive. He is not you. She is not you. Only you are you. And you are perfect. 

2) Pain is not necessarily gain. If you feel like a stretch hurts then do something different or stop doing it altogether. The teacher does NOT know better than you. When new to yoga it may be more beneficial to actually do less than you think you can do. No one will remember how "good you are at yoga" and it takes time and patience for the body to get used to certain things. Some things will feel good right away and some things will make you want to cry but most things you will think are boring. I promise you, it is ALL worth your time. 

3)  Be yourself. What does this mean? If you feel like laughing, laugh. If you just realized how clever you are, throw on a smile. If you are sad, be sad. Cry.  You are amazing, whatever emotion you are wearing. Whatever you are is acceptable in the space.  Believe it is sacred and it's sacred, but don't be surprised if after it all, you feel more yourself, because that is the end game.

Who started this?

I did. My name is Emily Jade and I created this business because I thought I could do everything better than anyone on the market. The more I work this business the more I realize how average I am.  What is blowing my mind is how absolutely satisfying it is to be average.  The more I see all my little daily failures the more I see them as fun. I get so excited by seeing other people feel better. My motivation is to create an excellent class package that can match what your company needs.   I put yoga together with self-improvement methods like positive thinking, probing intrusive self-inquiry and visualization to try to make your time on the chair or on the mat (depending which format you pick) the most effective for what you are looking to accomplish.  I constantly want to prove value and I want to grow nationally but mostly I just want you to feel awesome about yourself. I hope that you can experience the deep satisfaction of yoga. I hate to give this away before you buy a package but the secret is that you are a self-healing organism that is designed to accomplish every single dream you imagine! We get one breath at a time and one moment. That's all we get!  We ought to get BETTER at intelligently appreciating our awesomeness. Let us help you, or more accurately, REMIND you of what you are already are. 

Feel Liberated


 Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple.  Yoga makes people feel better, like a lot better. Yoga movements are adaptible to every level and most poses have physical, mental and psychological benefits.  Practice becomes a way  to learn to accept ourselves and others exactly how we are. We also seek to compassionately determine weaknesses that we can work on directly instead of avoiding them.  This direct and loving approach will help increase our range of motion and self-awareness. In turn, we will get better at whatever task or job that we are seeking to accomplish because we will feel better in our bodies. The name "Tiger Yoga" is inspired by an appreciation for the movement and grace of a tiger and the confidence that comes from learning to be fast when work is required, slow when rest is required, and very cool in all the moments in between.